Civil work & Bulk Earthworks

PMW Construction and Paving offers the range of civil services. We are dedicated to performing to clients expectations even or better. From our road Construction and maintenance to earth moving projects we have vast variety of services we offer, no job is to big or to small, money is money and we are thankful.

Specialized paving

We pride ourselves in to calling our self-one of the best in the western cape. We are up there against the best in the paving industry although sometimes against competitors we are not always the cheapest, but we guarantee you on the work man ship and honesty, and reliable. From concrete & clay paving to beautiful or weird patters and to non the less exposed aggregate concrete is where we deliver quality work.

Industrial Paving:

Durable Surface Pavement for the purpose of covering big work areas, intended to sustain high volumes and heavy machinery on a daily basis. This can range from large parking lots to loading areas. PMW has been involved in projects in Industrial areas such as Parow Industrial, and Waterfront , only to name a few.

Commercial Paving:

Purposeful for public areas, which supports a bigger than usual amount of people and traffic. You will come across these types of paving in the inner town structures and neighbourhoods, as well as shopping malls, living complexes and semi-public areas. In 2018, PMW was part of the restructure of central Durbanville, were we provided our expertise in reinstating the sidewalk pavement.

Residential Paving:

This includes custom tailor paving to meet the specifications of each individual and residence. This specialised paving ranges from paving patios, driveways, garden areas, entrances, walkways, outside braai and entertainment areas and garage layouts. This is by far the most personal type of paving, as each project has its unique specifications and design. Different patterns, colours and paving bricks can be used to archive the desired styles. We have provided our paving services to multiple residence to ensure that the vision and addictions are met, with the result of very happy clients. Done right, the PMW way, it can be an asset to your home and add value to your property.


Other than paving, Exposed aggregate concrete is also a great alternative to improve the design style of your home. This is also a very unique and different take on concrete works, and will definitely make a statement.

Here we also work with different styles of rock, colours and designs. Dependant on the vision the client wants to achieve, different effects can be obtained by combining a variety of stones and pigments. An Acid wash and high gloss sealer is supplied, for the purpose of making the stones shimmer in the sun, to achieve a beautiful natural stone effect, which will provide an stunning finish to any outdoor area.